Rent Deposit

Tenancy deposit disputes

At Kingsgate Solicitors we can offer advice to tenants regarding any issues they may be having with their tenancy deposits. Our specialist Solicitors can persue compensation for tenants who are having issues with tenancy deposits. We can persue compensation for tenants if their landlord has failed to protect their deposit in an authorised government tenancy deposit scheme. 

It is common practice for a landlord to ask for a deposit from their new tenants, in order to secure the tenancy on their property before the tenancy commences. 

From April 2007 landlords have a legal obligation to place the deposit in a government deposit protection scheme within 30 days of receipt of the deposit. There are three government approved deposit protection schemes;

  • Deposit Protection Service
  • My deposits 
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme 

Firstly, within 30 days of receipt of the deposit, the Landlord must protect the deposit within one of three government-backed schemes. 

Secondly, the Landlord must provide the tenant with the required prescribed information and confirmation of which scheme the deposit is been protected.  

If the landlord has not complied with their legal requirements the tenant can bring a claim against their landlord for return of their deposit and for compensation of between one and three times the value of the deposit.  

This means that if a tenant has paid a deposit of £500, they could recover between £500 and £1,500 in compensation plus the return of the original deposit if it has not already been returned.

A landlord cannot use a section 21 notice to evict a tenant where a landlord has failed to protect a deposit. 

Our Fee

At Kingsgate Solicitors we can assess your potential claim and if we consider that you have a good claim we can offer ‘no win no fee’ to pursue the claim. If you would like to enquire about pursuing a claim against your landlord, please contact our team on 01274 036903

All claims are dealt with under “No Win No Fee” agreements, rest assured no payment is required at the outset to start your claim.

You will also be offered After the Event Insurance for increased protection against any adverse costs.